Project Q_munity

Das Bild zeigt das Logo von Q-munity. Das Wort Q_munity beginnt zunächst mit einem Lila „Q“ mit gelben Streifen. Der I-Punkt ist besonders groß, der untere Strich des „Y“ ist besonders lang und gebogen, sodass er die Form eines lächelnden Mundes hat. In zweiter Zeile steht dazu „Rassismuskritik und Empowerment für die queere Jugendarbeit“.

Since October 2016, the project "Q_munity – anti-racism and empowerment for the queer youth work" has complemented the work of the Queere Jugend NRW specialist office for intersecting lgbtiq* youth work with experiences of flight, migration and racism. The project coordination offers expert advice, networking, coordination and financial support for regional projects in NRW. In order for queer youth with experience of fleeing, migration and/or racism to become (more)visible and to be taken into account with their needs and experiences, a simultaneous sensitization and empowerment in youth work is needed.

The following points are a focus of the project:

Consulting, networking, further educational trainings and empowerment of full-time youth workers and voluntary group leaders in NRW

Advice and support for lgbtiq* refugee youth and young adults and Bi_PoC (Black, indigenous, People of Color) who approach the spaces/meetings and groups

Raising awareness among youth visitors about the issues of racism, migration and refugees, as well as involving and supporting them in creating more open groups and structures for youth with intersectional social-positioning.

Individual events and projects on the topics of youth work in the context of lgbtiq* and flight, migration & racism

In addition to working with and for queer youth who experience/d fleeing, migration and racism, the project is also explicitly focused on working with professional and voluntary youth workers* and already existing structures. This goes hand in hand with sensitizing employed persons on the topics of flight, migration and racism. At the same time, the work in protected spaces (Safer Spaces) is an important aspect for the exchange, empowerment and visibility for queer youth with intersectional positioning in the society.  Another focus is the promotion of NRW-wide self-organization and networking of queer youth with refugee experience/Bi_PoC.

Info directly for young queers after fleeing

Bojana Matuzović, Elissar Z. El-Marouk

Here the project Q_munity introduces itself: